Open School of Sustainable Development

an initiative to promote the ideas of sustainable development by providing information to the Russian-speaking people through online education.

The aim of the project is to spread ideas of sustainable development as a concept for the further development of society in Russia, Russian-speaking countries and the world community as a whole. We think it is necessary to deliver information to everyone who wants to know more and be a responsible inhabitant of the planet Earth or simply a Global citizen.


Open School of Sustainable Development functions as youth volunteer-based organization. In 5 years we:

  • put together 20 permanent activists who are younger than 30 years old and more than 400 volunteers from all over the world;

  • have more than 10 000 subscribers and online campaigns in social networks;

  • created a full-fledged massive online course on sustainable development;

  • conducted two massive online campaigns on SDGs and attracted more than 70 partners from Russian-speaking countries;

  • we are Coordinating Organization for International Sustainability Test Sulitest in Russian;

  • published more than 50 articles on sustainable development and SDGs;

  • translated 10 online SDG Academy courses;

  • conducted many workshops and seminars on SDGs publicly and online and more.


In 2016 the initiative was honored by SDSN Youth as one of “50 game-changing projects in sustainable development led by young people”.


At the current stage, the Open School implements a number of volunteer-based projects to promote the ideas of sustainable development:


  • Online campaign #ЗнайСвоиЦели (Know Your Goals)(RU)

  • Translation of online materials from our partners (RU)

  • Coordination Russian Sulitest (RU)

  • Online courses (RU)

  • Free webinars (RU)

  • Public speaking (RU)


Anyone who wants to participate in these projects, or offer an opportunity for cooperation in the field of education on sustainable development and global citizenship, can write to us at


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Открытая школа устойчивого развития - полностью волонтёрский проект. Наши основные ресурсы - энтузиазм и преданность делу. Для осуществления больших замыслов нам также нужны финансовые ресурсы.

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